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The central valleys of Oaxaca are wonderfully rich in popular art, as this book makes abundantly clear. The book's aim is admirable: it connects visitors directly with makers and creators. Addresses, maps and family trees are an invaluable asset. Lovers of folk art welcome this book, as do the many artists represented here.
Chloë Sayer, Author
Arts and Crafts of Mexico (1990),
Textiles from Mexico (2002), and
Fiesta: Days of the Dead and Other Mexican Festivals (2009)
Oaxaca has produced wonderful, world-renowned magical artisans. What was missing was a book to document this fantastic artwork. Well, now we have it, in this splendid book that introduces one to both the artists and their amazing artistic creations.
Carlos Tortolero, Founder & President
National Museum of Mexican Art
Folk Art is about cultural expressions created in communities by families and individuals. This book is an invaluable resource that opens the door to the lives and dreams of hundreds of artisans in the valley of Oaxaca.
Marta Turok, Anthropologist and Sub-Director
National Foundation for the Promotion of Crafts (FONART), Mexico City
The Rothsteins’ book is a perfect guide to the amazing, witty, deep and extraordinarily human work by the ingenious craftspeople of Oaxaca. It made it possible for me to meet, talk with, see the workshops and observe these remarkably gifted, serious artisans at their work. It resulted in many enjoyable and instructive trips to Oaxaca, friendships with artisans and the continuing pleasure of a collection of their work.
Ernest Kafka, MD
New York
This book is the doorway to the sparkling heart of Oaxaca. It is an informative guide of the best artesanos and shines with great examples of folk art and crafts, rendering this amazing and creative world easily accessible to the first-time enthusiast and to serious collectors alike.
Henry Wangeman
Amate Books, Oaxaca City